Shy beast

from by MLK



Don't play so innocent
You're fooling no one
It's been long since it got sick
You dirty traitor

I can't help but chasing them with rage
But I'll never win the race
I try hard not to take part in this game

Your plans are taking shape
My heart's getting colder
a shy beast raises up
searching for survival

It's a kill or die,
It's a punch or drown

How sad is that?
Can't believe I fell

It's a kill or die,
It's a punch or drown
It's a kill or die
It's a kill or...

Go strike 'em first!
No time for deference!

Come with me boy,
this is how it works
Take what you need
or you get left out in the cold
There's a need to release the beast
The sooner the better
The sooner the better

Take your war paints
You must show your teeth to scare other animals
Go find your pray
No time for empathy
Come on! Go get 'em!


from MLK, released January 4, 2015




MLK Pontevedra, Spain


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