The evil in gospel EP

by MLK




Grabado en Litium, Pontevedra.
Mezclado por Peligro, ayudado por Rafa, asistido por mucha gente más y masterizado por Israel.


released 05 January 2012



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Track Name: Behold the dance
out in the alley
nobody down there
a distant shining
be careful boy
(a) silent driving
carries me carefully
far from the city
and I watch the scene
Corpses dancing
sweating the consciousness
making it holy
(and) I start to believe

behold the dance
you have control
always a howl for prayer

nowadays hope
is close to the void
meanwhile the clan keeps making noise
into your head
into your soul
you´ve got to hear it
but ain´t no choice

now is the wind
who keeps the red eyes
always the fate
always the pride
into the void
crossing the bridge
a perfect communion
an union of beasts

behold the dance
you have control
always a howl for prayer
Track Name: It will always be the same
I want you to come
my clothes are hurting me, baby
i left my heart at your´s
so sick, so sick
Hot Lady
Cause babe, tonight i´m on fire

this time i´m asking for more
all around sweat´s so hot
i´m afraid of you
shine my love and pray

I would just die on the road
how would you stop me on this?
i´m falling in your knees?
I´ll promise you my pain
It will always be the same.